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About Us

SafelyYou is a healthcare technology company based in San Francisco, CA. George Netscher, CEO, founded SafelyYou as a spin-off from the top-ranked Berkeley Artificial Intelligence Research Laboratory, which strives to advance the available tools in AI and apply them to great societal concerns. SafelyYou utilizes cutting-edge artificial intelligence to empower care staff to implement fall prevention. 

Imagine turning every unwitnessed fall in senior living communities into opportunities to prevent future falls and improve the overall safety and care for residents. Specifically designed for residents in memory care who often can’t tell us what happened, SafelyYou’s AI-enabled cameras detect falls with unprecedented accuracy and record video only when a fall is detected. Subsequent fall video review enables better support for unwitnessed falls through robust ER decision-making and root-cause analysis tools. 

Today, this proven program is successfully deployed across the U.S., showing 40% fewer falls and 80% fewer ER visits from falls, significantly reducing costs and improving resident safety when every ER visit from memory care risks critical COVID exposure. Learn more at safely-you.com.

SafelyYou has witnessed over 10,000 fall videos in memory care and has the insight to empower you to finally understand how falls happen. We’ve taken our lessons learned from actual fall videos and developed SafelyYou University to build a community of fall champions. Training curriculums are built based on specific resident profiles. This approach meets the greater needs of those with dementia by:

  1. Adapting to their limited capacity for new learning,
  2. Understanding that they can’t learn from how they fell before and cannot avoid the risks that caused the prior fall, and
  3. Introducing new methods or adaptations as their status changes.

The SafelyYou University coursework was developed by a team with extensive hands-on experience in senior living with professional education including internal medicine and psychiatry, occupational therapy, and specialized dementia training. To learn more about the core team, view the bios at the bottom of the SafelyYou University homepage.

SafelyYou University is the first-ever training that combines fall prevention training and dementia training with a unique approach. SafelyYou University is focused on the development of a community Fall Champion, specifically addressing the need for frequent, in-person training with ongoing reinforcement of skills and techniques.


SafelyYou is open to all, but was designed as training for community fall champions to obtain training specific to dementia and falls while developing the skills and techniques to implement the SafelyYou approach to fall programming within their community.

There is no limit to the number of users per organization. If you’d like to discuss additional options, such as enabling Admin access to track completions, please reach out to discuss options for your organization by using the form below or emailing [email protected].

Please reach out to discuss options for your organization by using the form below or emailing [email protected].

There is currently no charge for SafelyYou University.

The SafelyYou team is actively working on providing CEU credits to those who complete the entire University curriculum. Stay tuned!


We estimate that watching the videos and completing the quizzes should take just over an hour or so, depending on how long it takes you to pass each quiz.

Yes, the full video must be watched before the button to take the quiz or continue becomes active.

Yes, you must pass each quiz to continue to the next lesson. If you miss a question, simply review the answers and restart the quiz. 

There is no time limit for completion, so you can go at your own pace, on your own time. Upon registration, your progress will be saved automatically and you can pick up where you left off once you login again.

Yes, your progress is saved. Once you login, go to the course page and you’ll see a “Resume Course” button.

Yes, the Sessions and Lessons that have supporting documents have a Files and Resources tab where the files can be downloaded. These files are also available on the Fall Huddle Hub.

Upon completion of the course, you’ll receive a certificate you can download and/or print. You will also unlock access to the In-Service Training Toolkit to teach the concepts of Fall Prevention to staff in your community.

The In-Service Training Toolkit provides you with the video clips presented in the SafelyYou University coursework that can be downloaded and utilized by the fall champion for team training. Activities are designed to promote collaboration, problem-solving, and transfer of learning to resident care.

Yes, we plan on updating the content regularly. While we’ve just launched, we’re already planning three Advanced Fall Champion Training sessions and five additional In-Service Training Modules this year.


We’ve done our best to use tools that are compatible with most modern, popular web browsers including Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and Internet Explorer. Some experiences may vary from browser to browser and computer to computer.

We’ve done our best to use tools that are compatible with most modern, popular devices, including tablets and smartphones. On smaller screens, viewing in a landscape (horizontal) orientation provides the best experience. We’re doing our best to optimize for all. Some experiences may vary from browser to browser and device to device.

You can change your password from the “Edit profile” link either on your “My Account” page of in the dropdown from your profile. Once you select “Edit profile” you’ll see the “Change Password” tab to reset your password.

Yes, you can update your profile from the “Edit profile” link either on your “My Account” page of in the dropdown from your profile. You can upload and change your profile picture if you wish. You can update all fields with the exception of your email address. 

If you’re not signed in, you’ll see a “My Account” button in the header and footer of all pages. Clicking on that button will ask you to login or register. 

Click on the “My Account” button in the header and footer of any page.  You’ll see an overlay with two options, login or register. To register you’ll be asked to create a username and password and for basic information. Once you submit the form, you should immediately receive an verification email from [email protected]. Once you click through the link in that email, you’ll be able to login to get started.

If you registered and did not receive a verification email within a few minutes, check your junk mail folder. It will be coming from [email protected] with the subject “Please verify your SafelyYou University registration.” If it’s not there, either, email [email protected] and we’ll respond with your verification link as quickly as we can.

Yes, just click on the “My Account” button to open the login overlay. Click on the “Lost Your Password?” link, and enter your username or email address. You’ll receive an email to reset your password.

Once you have completed the coursework, a “Download Certificate” button will appear on the main Course landing page and on your “My Account” page once you login. Upon clicking the “Download Certificate” button, a new tab will open in your browser from which you can print or download the file.

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