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In-Service Training Toolkit

SafelyYou University In-Service Training Toolkit
Once you complete SafelyYou University: Course 1: Fall Champion Training, as a Fall Champion, you’ll unlock access to the In-Service Training Toolkit. You’ll use the tools found here to educate your entire staff on the fall prevention concepts, techniques, principles, and tools you learned in the SafelyYou University coursework. This In-Service Training Toolkit is specifically designed for Fall Champions to train others in their communities.

The In-Service Training Toolkit features eight modules, with more in development. Each module includes a video to share with your staff, often a clip pulled from the coursework to allow you to teach the concept, but also new footage to help illustrate the lesson.

Each module contains the following:

  • Module topic video clip you can play right from this page
  • Link to download the video, as needed for your community’s process and procedures
  • Additional downloadable supporting files as applicable
  • Learning Objectives
  • Suggested Application
  • Assessment


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